Moonsighting Structure


The structure of the Body (Moonsighting Australia) is as follows:

State Committee: Each state shall have a committee consisting of at least 5 members, who are responsible for receiving the moonsighting reports and submitting them to their State Representative.

State Representative: One of these members shall be appointed as the State Representative, who shall collect and assess all the reports submitted to him by the members of the State Committee.

National Committee: The State Representatives from around the country will form the National Committee.

Central Administrative Committee: The State Representatives shall submit their verified reports to the Central Admin Committee. This committee will have the administrative role of collating and submitting the reports to the Amīr, as well as overseeing and executing all the communication and information in regards to the moonsighting process.

Amīr: The Amīr, in consultation with the National Committee and adherence to this policy, will form a decision.